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COS - vynil edition

Advertising and promotional

Client: COS (Colors Of Sound) Promotions

Pieces:  Poster, post, and stories for social networks.

Techniques and Software: Social media and advertising design.

Illustrator, Photoshop and  After Effects.

In collaboration with:  Ana Laura Chacón

The promoter COS (Colors of sound) needed to create publicity for its events worked under the name and concept "Into the Woods", which takes places outdoors in the middle of nature.

The media strategy created works so that the target group, being 18 years old and older, from socioeconomic level A to B-, who find out about this type of event through social networks, decided to conduct a campaign on Instagram and Facebook.

This campaign being part of the "Into the Woods" parties, should maintain a more forest and mystical graphic line.

A color palette that was more dynamic was used, combining colors that create contrast.


So also a printed poster was worked on, which would be stuck in discos or places that the target group frequents. This contains the name of the artists that will be presented.

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