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Advertising and promotional

Client: University project / M&Ms

Pieces:  Christmas version packaging, Roll Up, Billboard, Interactive screen, Shirt and Cup.

Technique and Software: Media strategy, packaging design, and advertising design.

Illustrator, Photoshop, and Indesign.

In collaboration with:  Ana Laura Chacón

Project in which we had to design a campaign and develop a media strategy, coordinating the launch of the Christmas version of M&Ms chocolates, so it was decided to launch in La Torre supermarkets (Guatemala).

The pieces based on the main piece that is the design of the packaging, as these chocolates are chocolate mint flavor it was decided to work with the colors brown, aqua, white and gray.

The media strategy created works so that the target group, being these people of all ages from socioeconomic level A to B-, when entering the supermarket see the roll-up and find out about this new flavor, and when they go through the candy aisle go through the interactive screen that would be on the floor participate in the activity. Which consists of removing the M&Ms to discover the text, in which he will say whether he won or not. Winners will get a shirt or a cup from the promotion. A billboard was also thought of as an ATL medium, as it would be a campaign launched internationally.

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