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Client: AMG - Escuela Rayo de Luz

Concept: Discovering New Fun Environments

Pieces: Content Book, Organizer, Flip Chart and Vinyl Blanket

Technique and Software: Digital illustration and layout.

Illustrator, Photoshop and Indesign.

AMG International is founded in Guatemala in 1976 due to the earthquake. For more than 40 years AMG International has served vulnerable families in Guatemala through comprehensive care strategies that mainly focus on education with Christian values ​​as a tool for human and community development. AMG International is responsible for promoting education, learning, health, well-being and spirituality opportunities for children and young people who come from vulnerable families, with Rayo de Luz being their first project in the country, is located in La Verbena neighborhood, zone 7, City from Guatemala.


Therefore, its main need is based on the creation of an educational material to support the teaching of the English language in children aged 5 and 6 years, being kindergarten kids.

A book with the content of the whole school year was created, in which each word of the illustrated vocabularies is found, and with the word in guidelines to incite preschool to literacy, as well as different activities. It was designed with a single ink to optimize costs since it has a total of 145 sheets, these being printed only in on one side so that it does not hinder its strokes.


A series of pedagogical materials were created to support the teaching of this new language for children, a planner and a flipchart which work together and a vinyl blanket.

The flipchart is a collection of activities to reinforce the topics seen in class, in a fun and outdoor way. Taking advantage that preschoolers have a green area in front of their class, to use every 15 days. This will keep them motivated towards the new language. The organizer is for the exclusive use of the teachers, in which they can take notes and see what materials will be needed to carry out the activities.


For the vinyl blanket, using the illustrations in the book to create unity, a saturated illustration of 90% of the words in the vocabulary was made, this piece supports the teacher in oral exams and develops skills in children such as agility.

It is like an "I spy" activity.


A dynamic grid was used, a very cheerful and friendly color palette. The association already made use of two characters, the lion and the monkey, which were modified throughout the pieces to create unity. Only San serif typefaces were used to give that friendly and preschool touch.

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