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Social Media
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Client: Bananapan

Pieces: Logo, stamp and posts on social networks

Technique and Software: Illustrator, Photoshop and After effects

Bananapan is a company that needed a corporate image for its company, which is responsible for making desserts based on banana bread.

Bananapan operates in CDMX, Mexico.


The logo is composed of an isotype of a banana and a bread, and the typography is a fairly rounded sans serif. The "a" remains of another color to maintain a certain dynamism.


A palette of 3 colors is used for the graphic line, white, black and mustard, being this dynamic and minimalist, maintaining simplicity. Also maintaining an organic concept at the request of the client.


As for the creative strategy for social networks, it focuses more on giving prominence to the photographs, as well as elements that support the "handmade" like torn sheets, as required by the client.


Likewise, a stamp was created to label their packaging, in craft paper to continue under the same concept.

social media

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