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Client: CAPPSI - Centro de Atención Pedagógica y Psicológica Integral

Concept: Tangled Hairy Dreams

Pieces: Planner, Folder, Digital Book and Board Game

Technique and Software: Digital illustration and layout.

Illustrator, Photoshop and Indesign.

In collaboration with: Ana Laura Chacón and Emanuel Coyoy.

The CAPPSI clinic needed materials to help children with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) to their development and learning, as well as parents and teachers who also have a very important role in the development process of these children. The concept of tangled hairy dreams was worked on, since the word dreams refers to the patients' behavior, as they did not stay focused on reality, the word hairy was chosen to represent the ADHD monster which one wants to combat, this It is not a bad monster, it will be a companion in the process of learning to the child, and tangled refers to the disorder that children can have in their mind by not being able to concentrate, leave tasks halfway and get distracted. Under this concept, characters with vibrant colors were developed, specially designed for the target group, representing different aspects of the disorder.


A planner (pedagogical material) was created to be a resource for the teacher's daily use and to have the information close. Also be able to keep daily control of the child's behavior and progress, to inform psychologists about it. It contains one piece of advice per month to be a process and not saturate the child with information. Each tip is accompanied by a different illustration to make it more friendly.


For the parents, a didactic subject was prepared to consist of a folder with letterhead sheets to encourage parents to take notes during the CAPPSI talks, as well as a self-assessment to assess the progress that has been made. Inside the folder is also a CD, which contains material addressed to the parents where a story is found through illustrations in which the symptoms (monsters), are putting obstacles to the child and the main monster and the story will be linked so indirectly with the information of the material.


An educational board game for children was developed, where a “Cranium” was taken as the main reference, within it the four worlds in which the child and the monster passed are represented, in each world different challenges/activities were placed which were they will have to be solved in a minute, the activities that were chosen are so that the child can be doing something at all times so that he is not distracted and can be easier to concentrate. The game is done in groups, to motivate the child to have fellowship and help with the people with whom it relates. In the game's packaging, the protagonists of the main story were the child and the ADHD monster, which was named: Adventure for the 4 worlds, to represent the whole story that remains in the previous pieces with the different monsters/symptoms that the child has, will have two boards one short of 15 minutes and another length of 30 minutes.

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